How to manage your workflow around the World Cup

Most of us in North America have been stuck at work during the opening games of the World Cup. Following the games on a score tracker online is not quite the same as watching it on tv. For most of us, streaming online is not an option and taking time off work for the entire month of June is likely not feasible. The only thing left for us to do is reorient our working hours around the games. This is where the graph above comes into play, courtesy of the BBC (more here).

The basic premise of the graph is to categorize your tasks into each of the four categories above, thereby focusing your efforts on only the most crucial work. The graph asks you two questions: “Is the work important or unimportant?” and “Is it urgent or not urgent?”. Depending on the answer to those two questions, each task falls into one of the categories and gives you an actionable decision on your workload. If your workplace is flexible, you may be able to complete all of your crucial tasks for the day and then leave a bit early, if necessary making up the time at a later date or using your vacation time to cover the missed hours. This is even easier if working from home is an option.

Not only is the graph above useful for the World Cup season, but also for your regular day-to-day work. Constantly assessing the urgency and importance of your work allows you to focus on what really matters, what really brings value, thereby removing wasted time and effort. It makes you more productive and satisfied with your work, allowing you to achieve goals and make substantial progress. And catch all the World Cup games 😉

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2 Responses to How to manage your workflow around the World Cup

  1. Just a short hello there and to thank you for posting your thoughts in this article. I mysteriously came across your website while searching health related things in Bing… guess I kind of lost my focus! Anyhow, thank you and I’ll try and swing in in the future and read some of your future insights. Seeya!

  2. astramari says:

    Thanks for dropping by!

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